A logo will have the most impact when it is placed away from the edges of the page. The logo should always be placed no closer than 0.5 inches from the edge of the page.

Maintaining the integrity of these logos is critical in protecting the Columbus Chamber brand:

  • Do not alter the proportions of the logo lockup
  • Do not rotate, condense or extend the logo
  • Do not add anything to the logo lockup
  • Do not alter or stack the words “Columbus” and “Chamber”
  • Do not alter the colors
  • Do not retype the logotype
  • Do not place on top of visually busy backgrounds

For additional information about using the Chamber logo, please contact:

Dilara Casey
Columbus Chamber
150 South Front St., Suite 200
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Office: 614.225.6908

NOTE: Special membership logos are also available for members to place on their websites. Please contact Christy Bertolo for more information.

Follow the links below, to download member images.

Red High Resolution Logo