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The Columbus Chamber of Commerce has been investing its time, support and resources into the Central Ohio business community since 1884. We want you to have a seat at the table and benefit from the services, resources and programming of the Columbus Chamber, an organization that aims to advance a thriving Central Ohio Region through its efforts each and every day.

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We’re building a rich, diverse and prosperous business environment, and we want you to be a part of that story.
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A new connection can mean new business, and we take that seriously at the Chamber. That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with connections to take your business to the next level. Hoping to identify a new client or partnership for your business? We can help.

Your experience with the Chamber includes personalized meetings with your Member Resource Specialist, a member of our team who specialized in helping your organization find new opportunities for growth and development.

The information and connections facilitated by the Chamber, along with our acquisition and systems engineering experience on large Government programs, led us to submit a proposal to the Smart City team that resulted in ALE being awarded a $197,750 Smart City consulting contract.” – Renee Coogan, President of Acquisition Logistics Engineering


Our Columbus Chamber members are paving new paths in business every single day, and we are happy to share those successes with the greater community through our website and digital channels. Identifying visibility opportunities for your organization is something we do well and do often.

One of the Chamber’s more popular visibility opportunities, Member Spotlights, help your business tell its story with questions crafted to share what sets your organization apart from the crowd.

“The Chamber’s Member Spotlight exposure has led us to establish relationships with community partners and other companies who support our mission and provide us with sources for new hires. These new employment relationships have allowed us to meet our growth objectives.” – Brad Lamone, Engineered Profiles LLC


The Columbus Region is home to a highly educated, diverse and unique workforce. At the Chamber, we can help your business tap into new talent pools and create your best team yet.

The Chamber’s workforce development team assists our membership by building productive partnerships with nonprofit organizations, educators and human resource professionals.

Becoming involved in the Columbus Chamber of Commerce’s HR Roundtable gave me the opportunity to quickly connect with many of the areas’ leading Human Resource Managers. During my time as a participant I have had the opportunity to discuss several of the issues that Central Ohio employers are facing.” – Tara Casey, Columbus Hospitality Management


The Chamber has strong ties in the local community, so we are dedicated to seeing the greater Columbus area thrive. From volunteering to supporting initiatives that advance our city, we are always sure to show up when it comes to investing in Columbus and in return, its business community.

The Chamber uses its relationships and experience to provide beneficial business solutions for our members.

Since joining the Chamber, we gained more access to the business community and our relationships have grown exponentially.  Our downtown market is now one of the top producing markets in our footprint,” – Dan Miller, Heartland Bank

How does the Chamber fit into your business’s story?

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The Chamber is here to help your business navigate the complexities of government and facilitate connections with elected officials. As the collective voice of our Columbus Region business community, we can help you navigate tax reform, infrastructure investment, zoning laws and much more.

Justin McAllister, president of Fortner Upholstering, received significant guidance from the Chamber during an application process for his business.

When it came to our business applying for an opportunity zone, the Columbus Chamber’s Government Relations team was dedicated to taking us through the process. From submitting the application on our behalf to advocating for designation by the state and approval by the US Treasury, they led the charge every step of the way while keeping us informed the entire time.” Justin McAllister, Fortner Upholstering, Inc.


Trying to identify a new market to break into or the best way to reach your desired consumer demographic? Your Chamber membership comes with opportunities for customized research that can provide your team with the insights it needs to meet goals.

From salary profiles to custom reports of target businesses, the Chamber has helped countless members identify value in their membership through its research services and strategies.

“One of the greatest resources we have utilized in our Chamber membership is the research benefit. They have worked diligently with us to create a targeted research list for use in our marketing efforts.  This immediately helped to find new prospects and connect with businesses,” – Kyle Brett, Ohio Benefits & Insurance Group 



The Chamber has been dedicated to fostering a competitive and healthy business environment since its inception in 1884, and our years of experience have led us to become a go-to resource for local businesses and community partners.

From facilitating relationships to providing guidance on partnerships, the Chamber uses its 130 years of experience to bolster our member’s bottom line.

I am so impressed with support the Chamber has provided us!  We have good relationships with the governmental entities in and around Columbus, but the Chamber has taken those to the next level. They facilitated introductions with the City and SMART Columbus for us, and those relationships have grown as a result.” Darren SchimmoellerMannik & Smith Group

Savings Programs

Chamber members receive exclusive access to a number of money-saving programs like access to affordable health insurance and discounted prices on office supplies.

You can learn more about all of the Chamber’s savings programs here. And be sure to fill out a contact form today to learn how your business can directly benefit from the Chamber’s resources and services.

““We are very happy that in 2019, GREENCREST and our employees will be saving $1,000 per month on our healthcare costs through the Columbus Chamber Healthcare affinity program. We were able to work with our healthcare advisor who handled the application and approval process. It was easy to see the savings and easy to make the switch – a win-win for everyone!” – Kelly Borth GREENCREST



At the Chamber, we understand that your business may not have the time or bandwidth to discover new opportunities for growth and development. That’s why we offer a number of consultations for our members – from marketing to workforce advisement and economic development – if you need it, we have it.

Our uniquely trained staff is ready to assist your organization with its most pressing needs.

“The Chamber of Commerce was highly responsive when we reached out to them regarding advice on how to put together a marketing campaign.  They very generously did an onsite visit and provided good insight on how to achieve our goals.  We will continue to be a member and utilize their services,” – Stastia Earl Lane Aviation

How does the Chamber fit into your business’s story?

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