Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Capital City Staffing Solutions

June 10th, 2020

Member Spotlight by Joe Angelo, Owner/President

Provide us with a brief summary of your business’ services.

Capital City Staffing Solutions is a full service, national staffing agency providing quality logistics, technical and administrative services to the Central Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, New Jersey and Florida areas, respectively.  We offer custom fit services to tailor what we do to each individual client.

Tell us about your company’s mission and values.

We operate on our established Core Values of integrity, open and honest communication, listening to seek understanding and providing true partnership to our partners and stakeholders.  Our owner believes in strong family values that tie in to our company and what we try to bring to the community.

What are the services you use the most (or are looking forward to using) from the Columbus Chamber?

Getting involved in the Logistics community through the Columbus Region Logistics Council, Network with member businesses in Central Ohio and continue to demonstrate Leadership.

How do you stay engaged with trends that you see in your industry?

We consistently network with community organizations, are active in networking groups, as well as meeting with our clients in order to keep our finger on the pulse of the ebb and flow of business within the market.

What is your company culture like?

In a word…energetic!   Family and Team oriented, fast paced, professional with a welcoming atmosphere. Everyone has a voice and hard work is valued and rewarded.     

What does it take to be a successful employee at your company?

A successful employee is kind, patient, collaborative and focused on the applicant’s best interests as well as understanding our client’s expectations. It is also necessary to be curious and a continuous learner!  We believe in developing leaders!

What makes Columbus such a great place to do business?

Columbus is an incredibly diverse, welcoming and unique city that has limitless opportunities.  Our city continues to grow and it is a testament to our great communities, local government and our Chamber of Commerce, why so many companies decide to start their companies here.