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Member Insights: Time To Refinance? Ask Layden!

August 11th, 2020

Member Insights by Homeport

Need money to do some home improvements or pay for a child’s college education? How about just paying less on your monthly mortgage? Home refinancing can be an option, but it is not right for everyone. Listen to the latest episode of “Ask Layden!” to learn if it makes sense for you.

A 13-year member of Homeport’s Housing Advisory counseling staff, Homeport Senior Counselor Layden Hale says one of the most frequent topics he is asked about is refinancing.

How he responds is often with a question himself: What do you want to accomplish with this refinance? Do the terms of the refinance make sense?

Hale has helped thousands of individuals improve their finances over three decades and he continues to do so at Homeport through one-on-one counseling, Financial Fitness or Homebuyer Education classes.

Homeport provides free counseling services on a variety of financial topics. Working remotely from their homes during the pandemic, our counselors are here for you. For counseling services, call 614 545-4895.

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