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Member Insights: Is a First Floor Master the Right Choice for You?

January 6th, 2020

Member Insights by Bob Webb Homes

Housing trends may come and go, but the first floor master suite has quickly become a hot property deal-maker for savvy homebuyers who are about to buy or build their forever home.

The “master on the main,” as builders and realtors refer to it, has caught on in a big way because of its privacy, practicality and uncanny penchant for multi-generational living. As any realtor will tell you, ‘everybody wants one’ and that’s good news where property values and resale are concerned.

That’s why Bob Webb Custom Homes currently builds first-floor masters in many of their available homes.  Homeowners today are excited about creating their own ‘master on the main’ that captures their unique lifestyle and vision.  For example, they may ask for dual spacious walk-in closets, or want glass doors that open onto a zen spot for morning yoga, or yearn for a spa-like bath with oversized multi-jet shower and luxurious soaking tub.

That’s the beauty of building custom – you can create your master suite as you like it and not be limited to the standard bedroom/bathroom/walk-in closet you’re likely to find in a resale, or pre-existing home.

‘Master on the Main’ – an owner’s retreat

Whether you buy an existing home or build your new dream home from scratch, you’ll want to take a closer look at first-floor master suites and how they can work for you now… and for years to come.

In fact, first-floor masters are so much in demand now, that even online real estate property sites like and categorize their listings by “first floor master” for easier searches.

Private, practical, in-demand – here’s why:

  • First floor convenience – no more trudging up and down the stairs for every little thing. Just open the door and it’s all right there – morning coffee, late night snacks, laundry, you name it!
  • Treasured privacy – put some space between you and the kids (tiny or tall!) No matter what’s going on in the rest of the house, you’re behind closed doors, sound asleep!
  • No stairs to climb – perfect for aging in place. With everything on one floor, it’s comforting to know you could stay in the home you love for as long as you like.
  • The perfect ‘in-law’ suite – a first floor master suite gives aging parents a private space of their own so they can maintain their independence in a safe, step-free environment.
  • You may want two master suites – upstairs and down. A second master suite is the perfect solution for whenever you need extra space for weekend guests, returning college students, or extended visits from family and friends.
  • First-floor master equals added value – ask any realtor and they’ll tell you that a first-floor master suite is on-trend and in high demand. If you’re considering resale in the future, you can be certain that this is one trend that will continue to increase the value of your home for years to come.

Upstairs or down? Your life, your choice.

What’s right for one homebuyer may not be right for another. Not everyone loves the first-floor master experience. If you have small children, you may want to be on the same level for convenience and safety. Or if you crave solitude, a first-floor master suite might be entirely too close to the common areas within earshot to all the family hustle and bustle.

Let’s face it, a master suite takes up a lot of space on the first floor which could be used for other rooms like a great room or more spacious kitchen while the second floor may not be used to its full potential.

You’ll want to take your lifestyle into account, then weigh all the upstairs/downstairs options. When you do, you’ll be able to decide if the ‘master on the main’ should be of prime consideration in choosing your next now-and-forever home!