McGohan Brabender in the Hands of New Ownership: Its Employees

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DUBLIN, OHIO – McGohan Brabender, one of the largest privately held employee  benefits brokerage and consulting firm in the Midwest, has officially become an  employee-owned company.

The surprise announcement was made to employees at the first internal, company wide event the corporation has hosted since the pandemic.

McGohan Brabender CEO, Scott McGohan said the transition to an Employee Stock  Ownership Plan (ESOP) is the perfect way to invest in employees who have made the  company what it is today. It also protects the company’s desire to remain a fiercely  independent organization with a strong footprint in the local communities it serves.

“We believe that remaining independent allows us the ability to make faster, stronger,  and better decisions in service to our customers and our community,” said McGohan.  “The ESOP model gives every McGohan Brabender employee a meaningful  ownership stake in the company as well as the ability to continue our quest to build a  bigger, brighter future for every life we touch.”

Founder Pat McGohan started his brokerage almost fifty years ago in Dayton, Ohio  with just two employees. McGohan Brabender has grown into an employee benefits  consulting powerhouse of 200 employees now branched out to offices in Columbus in  Dublin, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. However, despite their expansion into  additional Midwest cities, McGohan said the company maintains its core value of  investing back into local customers and communities.

“We’re very excited about this next chapter in our company’s history,” McGohan said.  “It’s all about ‘owning our future together’ – having local people making decisions that  positively impact our employees, their families, communities, and region.”

About McGohan Brabender 

Founded in 1972, McGohan Brabender is an employee benefits insurance brokerage  and consulting firm that assists organizations of all sizes and types with the design,  implementation, and communication of their employee benefits programs. Their  comprehensive portfolio of products includes benefit plan design, data analytics,  predictive claims risk monitoring, communication, member advocacy, compliance, and  health risk management strategies. The company currently has offices in Dublin, Dayton, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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