How to Make a Habit of Having Good Posture at Your Desk

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It’s no secret or surprise that sitting at a desk all day long isn’t good for your health. When you’re seated for the majority of each day, you may start experiencing problems with your posture, which can lead to serious issues with your back and neck. It’s difficult to sit up straight all day long and often we don’t even give a second thought to how we’re sitting and how it can affect us. Getting into the habit of having good posture, however, can make you feel a lot more comfortable throughout the day and, consequently, more productive. The following tips will greatly help you to improve your posture while you’re at work.

Keep your ears and shoulders in line

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether or not your posture is okay while sitting at your desk. If you notice at any time that your ears are far forward, this means that your posture is off. Instead, the two body parts should always be aligned. Correcting forward head posture is always number 1.

Keep your legs uncrossed

Keeping your feet flat on the ground will help to improve your posture. While it may be more comfortable, crossing your legs or stretching them out in front of you is bad for your back and should be avoided when possible. If you do choose to cross your legs, do your best to switch often and create symmetry. Habitually crossing your legs often leads to pelvic imbalance, hip, and knee problems.

Make sure your chair is the correct height

On that note, to ensure you can place your feet flat on the ground, you need to check the height of your chair. You should be able to comfortably place both of your feet flat on the ground in front of you. The back of your chair should fit the curve of your lower back, and you should be able to sit up straight and relax your shoulders. Most folks’ chairs sit too high.

Move around

Even if you’re sitting with perfect posture at your desk, it’s still smart to avoid staying seated for an extended period. Make sure that you’re getting up and walking around throughout the day (about every hour), which will not only improve your posture and your spinal health, it will also give you a nice break from your work and help you focus better.

Fix your computer setup

These days, our eyes are always glued to our computer screens. Often, to see them properly, we have to bend down or lean forward. Both of these motions, as you can imagine, are not good for your back or your neck. Fix your computer setup by making sure your computer is at eye level (your eyes should be in line with the middle to bottom third of the screen), with your screen no closer than arm’s-length away. You should also make sure that your mouse and any paper/pens that you use regularly are easy to reach and you don’t have to stretch for them.

Use a headset

Never talk with your shoulder supporting your phone, as this will strain your neck. If you use the phone a lot at the office, it’s a good idea to invest in a headset (or ask your boss to get one for you!), so you can keep your neck straight and upright.

Use a support pillow

Whether you want to use a lumbar support pillow or roll up a towel behind you this will help support your spine and ensure you’re sitting the correct way when you’re at your desk all day.