Why I Love Columbus: Holbrook & Manter shares their Columbus love letters

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For our latest installment of “Why I Love Columbus” we speak with the six principals who lead the accounting and professional services firm, Holbrook & Manter. The firm has had a presence in the region for nearly 100 years and the principal’s share there sentiments:

Wow, Columbus has changed in such a positive way since I arrived as an Ohio State student and it continues to amaze me with the continuous growth and ongoing enhancements.  Columbus really feels like it has it going on right now in so many ways regardless if one is just arriving here, is a millennial, has a growing family, or even the folks downsizing to a condo for their next life endeavors.  This is represented by such examples as the diverse cultural experiences, the sporting venues, the Columbus zoo, the mall / shopping experiences, the great dining and foodie opportunities – to name just a few.  All of these enhancements are leading to more and more companies looking to grow their operations right here and/or making Columbus their initial location in North America.  This is all then brought together by such world class Columbus organizations – e.g. Columbus Chamber, Columbus2020, etc.  I am excited to see what Columbus has in store for it during the next decade.- Stephen Smith, CPA, CGMA, MBA, CVA


As a young college graduate from Ohio State, Columbus provided my first job opportunity, and was a terrific community to begin to grow in my career and most importantly with my wife and I in beginning our marriage.  The excitement that Columbus offered then as a 22 year old and the opportunities to advance holistically and financially were of great value.    We have been blessed with the opportunities that Columbus and the Central Ohio region have provided for our family and our professional careers.  Bradley Ridge, CPA, CGMA


Columbus is a great city because of the opportunities it provides for one personally and professionally.  I don’t see a lack of avenues for opportunity. Even if the avenue doesn’t exist, someone is willing to work with you to create it. There are more courageous businesses and individuals in this area than ever before…companies and people who are eager to create something new, or are talented enough to innovate what already exists. I think it all comes down to a mindset. There is a mindset of “opportunity” in Columbus and everyone is embracing it.  Columbus is also a great place to raise a family because of the ample opportunities it can provide for your children as they move through their lives. I have been a Columbus resident for 18 years and look forward to the future.- Mark Welp, CPA, CFE, MAcc


When I think about Columbus I immediately think sports and arts culture. It amazes me that a mid-western city can have so much to offer. I moved back to the Columbus area in the mid-90’s and of course immediately reconnected with the major sporting events in the area, such as Ohio State athletics, the Memorial Tournament, and the Columbus Clippers. However what surprised me more was all the fine arts, music, and performing art opportunities in the city provides. My wife, Theresa, has a past history of working with public television, which exposed me to various arts the city provides and we continue to enjoy. Columbus seems to be a destination for top performers and talent.   To that point, I attended the one of the six Garth Brooks concerts last year, and he stated he spent the week between concert dates in the Columbus Ohio region. He made it a point to tell the crowd that particular night that “Columbus has something special going on” … and I don’t think you can say it any better than that. If Garth can get that type of vibe in week that he spent in Columbus, then as a community we must be doing something right.- Brian Ravencraft, CPA, CGMA


What I love about Columbus is the increasing diversity.  From a plethora of food choices to a multitude of industries, Columbus has so much to offer to almost anyone.  We have a buzzing start-up scene as well as many companies that have been around for nearly a century (like Holbrook & Manter).  There is also a tremendous selection of independent schools, which is unique for the size of our town.  Columbus also has been ranked by Intelligent Community Forum as one of the top seven smarties cities in the world (http://www.thisweeknews.com/article/20160411/NEWS/304119717).- Justin Linscott, CPA, CFP, CITP, CGMA


As I was driving into Columbus recently and seeing the skyline from the 270 outer belt I was reminded of how Columbus has impacted me from my childhood to now being a part of a city that is home to our accounting and business services firm. Little did I know as a kid when our family would make a trip to Columbus to shop at Lazarus and other downtown department stores that Columbus would become a big part of my life as a business owner. Today, Columbus has become has become a part of my everyday life as Holbrook & Manter continues to grow and thrive. It is amazing where life can lead you but I have a greater appreciation of knowing Columbus as a child and as an adult working here and enjoying all that this has brought to us as a firm serving others. Columbus has grown to be a city that rivals any city in the Midwest as a destination due to now having professional sports, some of the best venues for entertainment, great restaurants and of course the Buckeyes. The excitement generated brings businesses here that want to be located in Columbus and the surrounding region. We are so glad to be a part of that same excitement and it is a real blessing that we have been able to be a part of the Columbus business community for many years.  I will always fondly remember Columbus as a kid, seeing the a thriving city with tall buildings that sometimes made me wonder what was going on inside those dizzying structures. I now have an appreciation for the growth and development that Columbus now brings to us as a business and I look forward to the future.- Robert Buckley, CPA, CGMA