Why I Love Columbus: We are a community of people who want to be happy and healthy

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WILC by Christopher Cole, Owner/Founder of 365 Nutrition, LLC

Being a community of happy and healthy people can make a big difference in all neighborhoods throughout Columbus. I feel it can make life easier for everyone if we were all happy & healthy. Could you just imagine for a second how many positive things that would happen if everyone came together for a Healthy Happy Hour? Instead of causing harm to ourselves we could do something healthy for our bodies. We all would live longer, happier, and could have a more significant impact on the community, the City of Columbus, and the World.

I am not saying that we cannot have fun now and then, but why not have that type of fun a little bit less? It honestly could change our lives in a significant way. We could have fewer illnesses, have more energy, and be a more prominent part of the community. I know from personal experience that after a long night out I don’t want to do anything but just lay around all day and what kind of life is that to live? We have to think more significant not only for us but the future generation.

One of the BEST things about Columbus is we have A LOT of healthy options that we can choose from to make a little bit of a change for all of our bodies. I am the owner of 365 Nutrition, and we are proud to be one of the NEWEST additions to the city of Columbus for a healthy option to help offset some of the damage that we cause to our bodies daily. We are a nutrition club that provides top nutritional products from Herbalife Nutrition. Herbalife has been around for 36+ years, we are in over 90 different countries, and we have some of the top doctors in the United States voted by there peers on our scientific advisory board.

As a Nutrition Club/ Healthy Smoothie Bar, we can offer many different healthy options for anyone and everyone. At 365 Nutrition you have over 75 various options of healthy smoothies, energizing tea, and aloe. The smoothies are refreshing and delicious! We provide personal one on one nutritional coaching, free workouts, fit camps, meal planning, weight loss challenges and so much more! We are not just a business that wants to sell you on something; we are a business that wants to build a relationship with you. We are a business that wants to make a happier and healthier YOU.

When you come into 365 Nutrition, we will always greet you with kindness, openness, and excitement. All of the people that work with me in the Nutrition Club/Healthy Smoothie Bar are happy to be in here working; we love what we do. We have created a fantastic culture within the space that we have, and that’s important to us because the world outside can be extremely detrimental. Our area is a place for you to escape the daily negativity for a dose of positivity to help you not only become healthier but happier!

It all starts with you making that decision to become healthier & happier. What choices are you going to make today?

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn