Learning More About the Deaf Services Center

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Since 1991, Deaf Services Center has provided high quality interpreting services in order to address the communication needs for the communities we serve.

Whether you need American Sign Language Interpreting, Spoken Language Interpreting, Speech-to-Text Captioning either remote or on-site, we are able to provide services as needed with consideration given to the specifics of your unique setting and communication needs. With offices in central, northwest, and southeast Ohio, we interpret for any type of setting including but not limited to medical, dental, business, trainings, legal, mental health, educational, and any other type of setting needed. DSC can provide captioning and interpreting services in person or remotely utilizing various online platforms.

Need an ASL Interpreter, Spoken Language Interpreter or Captionist? In Central Ohio/Columbus contact our interpreting coordinators at interpreting@dsc.org . For urgent needs in Columbus, please call (614) 678-1701 and after hours please call (614) 323-1754.

In the Northwest Ohio area, please contact DSC – NW Ohio at nwo@dsc.org or call (419) 720-3935 voice or (419) 386-2627 VP.

In the Southeast Ohio area, please contact DSC – Portsmouth at dscp.interpreting@dsc.org or (740) 357-7713

At DSC, we want to be your partner in communication. After all, DSC is “Where Communication Happens”.


Amin, an OSD student, was working for Bob Evans since August of 2019. In March, due to COVID-19, he was furloughed and immediately reached out to his OOD counselor and DSC for support in finding work. He was determined to continue working during the pandemic and earn as much as possible while being a high school student. He started services with DSC’s VR program and with a positive attitude and determination was able to find employment as an overnight cashier for Giant Eagle. This job role was completely different than his dishwashing position with Bob Evans, but Amin was set on being successful. With ASL being his first language, DSC job coaches worked with his boss to develop several accommodations for communication on the job. He is now successfully employed and plans on maintaining this job while he finishes his senior year. His boss and co-workers state how impressed they are with his work ethic and that he does an excellent job. Amin has even started teaching his co-workers and management ASL signs to improve on the job communication. If you are seeking a job, please contact DSC to start the process today!


The Vocational Rehabilitation Department would like to highlight Miracle Settles and her successful employment with JoAnn Fabrics at Easton. In October of 2020, Miracle accepted a position at the fabric cutting counter. Miracle works directly with customers every day to measure and cut fabrics and further assist them with any additional needs. Miracle’s passion for sewing, quilting, and crafting along with her desire to connect with others makes this position a perfect fit. Miracle has received several compliments from customers about her quality of customer service.  Miracle’s boss states that she is always on time, reliable, and will volunteer to cover other shifts when needed.

The staff and management with JoAnn Fabrics collaborated with Miracle and her job coach, Karen Wilson, to use resources they already had available for effective communication accommodations. These simple accommodations were highly effective and have been used every day by the staff, customers, and Miracle. Miracle’s job coach has worked with her previously and is proud of Miracle’s growth, passion and commitment. Congratulations Miracle for working hard, doing a job your passionate about, and proving that Deaf individuals are absolutely able to thrive in customer service roles!!