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KJK GC Advantage Program Launches as Alternative to the Billable Hour

October 5th, 2021

KJK GC Advantage Program Launches as Alternative to the Billable Hour

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Kohrman Jackson & Krantz LLP (KJK) is pleased to announce the launch of the KJK GC Advantage program, which provides clients with an alternative to the traditional billable hour. The subscription-based KJK GC Advantage program offers businesses comprehensive legal services in areas including employment, corporate services, real estate, cybersecurity, trademark, intellectual property and estate planning – all for a set monthly fee.

Along with cost-certainty and predictability, the KJK GC Advantage program gives clients peace of mind knowing their projects will be handled quickly and efficiently, maximizing the return on investment on their legal spend.

“We’re a law firm built for business,” said KJK GC Advantage Program Director Stephanie Pallai. “This is a program built for clients who hate the billable hour. Finally, innovation meets law.”

KJK GC Advantage clients also enjoy additional benefits like unlimited communication with their legal team, 24/7 access to their files through the KJK Client App and board meeting attendance.

“The KJK GC Advantage program truly puts clients at an advantage, whether they are a start-up, small business, mid-sized company or large entity,” noted KJK Managing Partner Jon Pinney. “While other firms are raising rates, we are focused on innovating. This program was designed to give our clients certainty over their legal expenses and risks while serving as a one-stop-shop for their needs, both now and in the future.”

Anyone interested in the program can schedule a complimentary consultation with the KJK GC Advantage team directly through this link or by contacting Stephanie Pallai at or 330-718-7413.