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Introducing 4 Points Solutions

January 31st, 2022

    We’ve all heard it: we’re living in a different world. The world we reigned in on January 1st 2020 is a very different one from the one we are living in now. We didn’t expect it. We had no idea what was hurling towards us those first couple of months of the year prior. “Coronavirus” was something we heard of happening elsewhere, but we had no idea the implications it was going to have on each and every one of us by year’s end. 

It is upon this backdrop that we are eager to introduce our newest company: 4 Points Solutions.

Years ago, a friend asked our consultant Jon Willette if he could help him expand his business. Over the next few years, 4 Points Development became his outsourced real estate department. It was after this that the initial idea for a consulting company was conceived. But it didn’t come to fruition until the prompting of the global pandemic we are all still experiencing. 

4 Points Solutions is an elite consulting firm, emerging from 4 Points Development, a real estate development company, going to bat for you to find an answer to the real estate questions you are asking. We will fight, we will lobby, and we will use decades of experiential knowledge to further your business and your interests with a real estate focus.

While our Development company will continue to build and invest, our goal is to grow 4 Points Solutions as customer support and expertise for developing client projects. 

4 Points Solutions focuses on our customer’s market analysis, design, proforma, construction, and development. We even help with your move. Our consultants are experts in their markets and can help with one area or the entire project. 

Originally specializing in sale lease-backs, we have now helped many customers navigate through the web of development. We have helped our clients make more money and avoid leaving any money on the table. With us, our clients have a developer on their side. 

4 Points Solutions begins by meeting with you, learning your needs, goals, and frustrations, and working with you to meet the need, obtain the goal, and smooth out the frustrations. We shatter obstacles. We obliterate excuses. We clarify confusion. 

We are 4 Points Solutions, and we are here to find the answers.