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Ignite Your Business® Podcast | Presented by: GREENCREST – Derek Grosso, CEO and Founder of Columbus Young Professionals Club – The Young Professional Secret Sauce: Engaging Next Gen Leaders

September 20th, 2023

Derek Grosso | CEO and Founder of Columbus Young Professionals Club

Columbus, OH (September 18, 2023) — Derek Grosso knows a thing or two about young professionals and building communities. He founded the Columbus Young Professionals Club (CYP) in 2005 and has grown it to be the nation’s largest association for young professionals – with more than 20,000 members. In that time the CYP Club contributed more than 100,000 volunteer hours and raised more than $750,000 for charity, all while mentoring and training the next generation of Columbus professionals. His expertise has him advising over 100 other young professional groups across the country. In episode 132 of the Ignite Your Business® Podcast, airing September 18, 2023, CYP founder and CEO Derek Grosso returns to share with GREENCREST CEO and chief strategy officer, Kelly Borth, what he has learned about professional success and engaging with Millennial audiences. Since it is estimated that Millennials, adults ages 25-40, will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, his valuable expertise is welcome information to business owners who will engage with the younger generation as colleagues, customers, and target markets. 

Also in this discussion, Grosso shares his four Ps for success and talks about why he believes that in today’s climate, whether you are a business owner, educational leader or non-profit, “if you start to focus a little less on hustle and a little more on flow, things will start to come to you.” 

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About Derek Grosso 

Derek Grosso is an entrepreneur, connector, and community-builder. He founded the Columbus Young Professionals (CYP) Club in 2005 and has grown it into the nation’s largest association for young professionals with more than 20,000 members – while maintaining a focus on advancing careers, community, conversations, and culture for young professionals across central Ohio. As President of City Venture Holdings, Derek has served as consultant/advisor to more than 100 YPOs, ELOs & ERGs across the United States while launching/expanding successful programs such as the Columbus Impact Academy, Women of Inspiration Summit Experience (WISE), The Grandview Hop, and Through his leadership, the CYP Club has contributed more than 100,000 volunteer hours and raised more than $750,000 for charity since its inception. In 2022, Columbus Business First named the CYP Club No. 8 on its Corporate Citizenship Top 100 list, having donated $328,800 of in-kind donations to charity. Derek studied entrepreneurship and small business management at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He proudly serves the community through his ongoing work in markets across Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida. 

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