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How Technology is Changing the Modern Home

March 12th, 2020

Member Insights by Bob Webb Homes

Times change. But not as fast as technology. The home you’re living in right now was more-than-likely built in another era, long before technology became the driving force it is today.

In the 70’s, ‘80’s and 90’s homes were built to satisfy the building codes, electrical needs and safety issues of the day. And why not? Who could have ever imagined the surge of technological wizardry that would so dramatically change our world and shape our lives.

Fast forward to today. Homeowner demand for technological enhancements is steadily on the rise and the cost is continuing to drop. So, if you’re thinking about building a home, it just makes sense to add those home automation features in the early phase of planning, especially if you’re building custom. It’s the perfect time set up a house-wide wi-fi network, install a system that lets you control heating/lighting/cooling/security from a single integrated touch-screen, or create a home theater with superior video and sound. With so many possibilities, the sky truly is the limit!

Home or Away – Control and Convenience

The ‘smart home’ has definitely arrived! Home automation is on the upswing and homeowners are eager to incorporate an integrated home system with the ability to access everything from thermostats and security systems to cameras and lighting… all from a single touch-screen.

Think about all the things you’d like to monitor from your computer, tablet or smartphone – your surveillance system, your temperature settings, your smoke/CO detectors, your indoor/outdoor lighting—maybe even your new cutting edge ‘smart’ refrigerator to see if you’re out of milk.

Then think about all the ‘fun’ things you could add, like a multi-functional media room and outdoor  living space, both with access to a house-wide DVD and music server. And what if that media room had remote-control operated blackout drapes for the windows… or maybe hi-def speakers in the walls to optimize sound quality? And what if, in the outdoor living space, there was a big-screen hi-def TV mounted over a full-sized gas log fireplace? The possibilities are endless!

When you build your new custom home, it’s the perfect time to go for all the technological bells and whistles… the kind you may have previously only dreamed about.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

There’s a lot to think about as your consider how lighting affects the flow and function of your home –  such as the way light and color interact, the way natural light changes throughout the day, or the way different bulbs use energy and affect your mood.  After you’ve picked out the flooring, the finishes, the paint colors and all the custom touches, it’s important to enlist the help of a trusted lighting professional to help illuminate your vision and bring your dream home to life.

Once you understand how light and color interact and are able to explore all the options, you will be able to create a cohesive light scheme that can affect the flow, function and mood of all the living, working, sleeping and play spaces throughout your home.  A ‘smart’ scheme that can be done efficiently, effectively, and most importantly… wirelesslyfrom your phone, computer or tablet!

Visit Bob Webb Show Home 360

Smart’ Home Technology on Display Every Day

5776 Evans Farm Drive, Lewis Center

Hours: Friday-Tuesday, 12-5pm; Wednesday & Thursday by appointment

Our newest show home is fully loaded with style, craftsmanship and plenty of ‘wow’, including cutting edge technology that takes ‘custom’ to a whole new level.

From an app-controlled Moen shower that sends alerts when the water temp is right, to the Control4

technology that manages lighting/sound/security/temperature functions from a single touch screen, this home is a tech-lover’s dream come true!

When we began conceptualizing the Show Home 360, we wanted to design a home for the way people live today, fully-loaded with all the technological wants and needs of the times. To make it all happen, we enlisted the help of trusted ‘smart home’ professionals from Genesis Audio, Ltd, Gahanna, Ohio, and charged them with designing and creating a totally integrated system for a totally unique Show Home 360 experience. And that’s exactly what they did!

Control your home from your phone…

“We call it Control4 Technology”, Genesis Audio president, John Senters, explains. “It’s an integrated LED system that relies on the home itself, and the wants and needs of the homeowner. Everything is controlled by your phone or a single remote: the thermostat, the security, the outdoor lights, the speakers, the blinds, the draperies.” But the star of the show is the Control4 lighting system — an energy-efficient system that reacts to natural light and adjusts as needed throughout the day. For example, if it’s grey in the morning, the lights turn up… if it’s bright outside, lights go lower. “When the light changes throughout the day,” Senters continues, “it just seems to lighten the mood and make you feel good!”

Home theater – superb hi-def video and sound

Take one look at our home theater and you know we mean business. From room design, to remote-controlled room-darkening blinds, to superior video and sound… this the place to relax, unwind, binge-watch Netflix…  whatever!

This is no ordinary home theater – just look at all the hi-def equipment. “We’re particularly proud of the audio/video system in the Bob Webb Show Home 360”, Senters concludes. “Control4 technology drives  everything in the home, including the dynamic Sony 85” LED 4K UHD TV and higher-than-high-def speakers. That’s what delivers the ultimate home theater experience with next-level video and sound. And the best part is, it’s all controlled by your smart phone or a single remote.”

Visit our beautiful Bob Webb Show Home 360 and see how
Control4 Technology is changing the modern home
with next-level ‘smart home’ comfort, control and convenience.

Home or away… access everything from your phone!