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How Environmental Monitoring Can Keep Manufacturing Workers Safe

February 8th, 2021

Member Insights by Status Solutions via Material Handling Network

Since the start of the pandemic, it’s become increasingly apparent that many industries were not prepared for the rapid changes and challenges COVID-19 brought to the table. These challenges have quickly proven just how important proper communication and protocol is, and that not everyone has an established system capable of meeting those needs. In the manufacturing industry, where workers are already faced with a high risk environment, proper protocols and communication are even more integral. Additionally, with the increased demands for supplies placed on many facilities and the responsibility to implement new and constantly changing protocols as a result of COVID-19, manufacturers are overwhelmed. To minimize these burdens, manufacturers should be investing in environmental monitoring and communication technologies that can help them to manage these times effectively and efficiently, while ensuring the safety of their workforce.

Environmental Monitoring

Manufacturing facilities are multifaceted; from operating heavy machinery to monitoring expensive technology, it can be easy to miss a detail that could lead to an accident or slowed production times. Environmental monitoring technology can help manufacturers keep an eye on their entire facility, something that has become increasingly difficult as many facilities are operating with limited staff due to the pandemic. Most manufacturing facilities are already equipped with a variety of environmental monitoring systems, such as fire and smoke detection, cameras, and access control, however, these systems typically operate on separate and siloed platforms. To unlock these systems’ full potential, they should be integrated onto a single automated alerting platform.

When integrated onto an automated alerting platform, these systems are… (read the rest of the article via Material Handling Network)