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Helping young adults succeed during the challenge of change­ | Directions for Youth and Families

July 26th, 2022

Directions for Youth & Families today announced SupportU, a new program. SupportU helps students with the often-daunting transition from high school to college and beyond. Professional support specialist work toward stabilization and the development of new skills promoting healthy growth.

College life can be challenging, uncertain and overwhelming. Add to that the myriad of new responsibilities it brings and students can struggle to adapt confidently and successfully. College students experience many of life’s firsts. There’s the freedom of being “on their own” and all that comes with it—balancing class schedules, budgeting and financial management, academics, career planning and so much more. Adapting to these major changes can have a profound impact on everyday life. Like many life transitions, new responsibilities can feel overwhelming, intimidating and even impossible. Rest assured, with SupportU, students can find the help they need in building the skills necessary for individual independence, academic achievement and lifelong success.

SupportU is here to help students navigate the challenges and changes that come with college life. Counseling services are delivered by licensed clinicians via one-on-one sessions in a private office. We guarantee a call-back within 48 hours to schedule the first session. Our location, in the OSU off-campus area, offers privacy and easy access to services.

The program offers professional emotional support to help students address and overcome a range of issues, including:

  • depression and anxiety
  • self-harm
  • social isolation
  • substance abuse
  • past unresolved trauma issues

Features and benefits of SupportU:

  • access to professional support specialists
  • schedule an appointment within 48 hours
  • prepaid plans and monthly access options
  • structured for students to receive emotional support services
    • will not be a part of a permanent medical record

“This is a service that is badly needed, we needed to streamline the process to get young people the support they need before they are in crisis,” says Duane Casares, CEO of Directions for Youth & Families. “We must support our students, emotionally as well as physically, to create an environment where they can continue to have success and build on their strengths. We put together this program, for just this reason. It offers confidential help from qualified staff, at a convenient location or by telehealth. Parents can feel the security of knowing professional services are available when their student needs it.”

SupportU is available for $35 per month, for access to schedule an appointment in 48 hours or less ($179 per session) or a Pre-paid plan $995 for 6 sessions, which are available for one year from purchase. For more information on SupportU, visit

About Directions for Youth & Families (DFYF): SupportU is a program of DFYF, who have roots in Columbus dating back to 1899. DFYF builds and inspires hope, healing and resilience for youth, families and communities through counseling and education.