Get Help With Small Business Growth


The Columbus Chamber is here to help with your small business growth. About 70 percent of our member businesses have 50 employees or less.

If your business falls into this sweet spot, consider investing in a package of customized business services that will otherwise cost you 10x for those same services:

  • Business Connections: Our team of business resource specialists can help you find your next business partner, materials supplier, legal counsel, selling partner and more. By sharing your business’s individual story, the Chamber team can connect you with our massive community of business leaders who can help solve the challenges keeping you from the next level.
  • Government Relations Navigation: Whether you have a crumbling curb in front of your store, need your property rezoned to expand your parking lot, or just need help getting your business off the ground, the Chamber’s experts know exactly who to talk to in the local, state and federal government to get the job done. Spend your time growing your business instead of searching for the right answer.
  • Market Research: Need help deciding where to open a second location? Want more scientific data on your customers? Looking for a comprehensive view of your competitors? The researchers on the Chamber team have the skills and technology to get answers to those questions and more.
  • Visibility Opportunities: Sometimes all you need is a little help getting your name out there. By guest posting on the Chamber blog, attending, speaking at, or sponsoring an event, or just asking the Chamber marketing team for a little help with social media or search engine optimization, you may find it makes all the difference in your small business’s growth.
  • Talent Consultations: Attracting and retaining the best talent can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. Our Workforce team can you figure out just who you need to hire, write job descriptions, post the roles in the right places and coach you through the interviewing and hiring process. Whether you’re looking for a new business partner or a couple of interns, we’re here to help through any stage of the process.

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