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Happy National Mentoring Month

January 13th, 2022

Helping companies build and boost mentoring initiatives. We’ve got your back.

DID YOU KNOW Mentoring relationships offer an incredible reciprocal benefit not only to your employees but to your bottom line. They report feeling a greater connection to their companies, and 79% of our younger generations want their managers to be mentors. For every dollar Sodexo invested in a diversity mentoring initiative, they saw a $19 ROI. At Pershing, a BNY Mellon company, the retention of millennial employees engaged in a mentor-up (or reverse mentoring initiative) was 96%. Those are just a few examples (and we have a full white paper we can share) on how mentoring impacts businesses and employees.

The power of TWO! and very easy to scale with some solid engineering and good management.

International boutique Change Management Firm, Change 4 Growth understands the challenges facing today’s workers and companies, and working with clients we have established a 4-Step ‘Mentoring-in-a-Box approach that we’d love to share with you and help you strategically assess how to best build mentoring in 2022. 

Click here to schedule a time to discuss how we can customize a mentoring program that fits YOUR needs! 

“We need to start with our top-line objectives for the mentoring initiative. What problem are we solving for, and then we can custom create a blueprint strategy and 8 – 12 month roll-out plan that we manage, taking 90% of the work off your plate,” says Julie Kantor, VP of Change 4 Growth. “People are very isolated and having trouble connecting well on Zoom/ TEAMS… we can do so much more to establish a greater human connection + shared learning in this hybrid work environment.”


The people who mentor at your company are often the drivers of retention and culture at your company.

Julie Kanter, VP of Leadership, Culture, and DEI leads the mentoring/employee engagement practice and has 30 years in workforce development experience. Founding CEO of Twomentor, she found a kindred spirit and merged with Change 4 Growth in 2021. Clients have included: Anthem, New York University, Marriott, COSTCO, Schnucks, Hazelden Betty Ford Center, Entrepreneurs Organization, AU, and dozens of associations. She can be reached at

Beth Thomas, CEO of Change 4 Growth has worked with marquee clients on major transformations and Organizational Change Management for decades. Thomas, who is based in Columbus Ohio, worked as an SVP at JP Morgan and L Brands authored the best-selling book Powered By Happy. If your company is about to undergo a major transformation, please reach out to Beth for a free conversation on what’s keeping you up at night. She can be reached at