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GREENCREST Discusses Trends in Innovative Commercial Architecture and Office Design with M+A Architects Senior Interior Designer Mark Bryan

January 11th, 2022

In GREENCREST’s latest Ignite Your Business® Podcast, host Kelly Borth talks with Mark Bryan, Director of Innovation and Research and Senior Interior Designer of M+A Architects, who discusses Designing for the Future — Innovations and Trends in Commercial Design.

In the recent podcast, Bryan shares how using evidence-based decision-making leads not only to more functional spaces but also promotes employee wellness, happiness and engagement. He also explains how to approach
generational challenges and job expectations when designing inclusive office spaces.

After calling 2021 “The Great Realignment,” Bryan makes his prediction for 2022 relative to businesses, employees and their office spaces. “I think 2022 is really going to be a place for renewal; renewal of the space, renewal of self
and renewal of organizations as a whole,” Bryan says.

Highlights of the most recent Ignite Your Business® Podcast include:

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Past podcasts have featured guests such as Dr. Frederic Bertley, CEO of COSI; Kwame Christian, director of the American Negotiation Institute and attorney at Columbus firm Carlile, Patchen & Murphy; Mark Swepston, president of Atlas Butler and Lori Kaiser, CEO of accounting firm Kaiser Consulting. Listen to the Ignite Your Business® at: The Ignite Your Business® Podcast is published every other Monday on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.

About Mark Bryan
Mark Bryan is the director of innovation and research and senior interior designer at M+A Architects. He has been working with M+A Architects since 2012. As the director of innovation and research, he focuses on evidence-based solutions and serves as the company’s advocate for wellness and mental health issues. Bryan is a certified Futurist, a certified Interior Designer (National Council for Interior Design Qualifications, NCIDQ) and an award-winning interior designer. He is also a Toastmasters International member and published author. His first book, “Asgardian Exchange,” is a #1 seller on Amazon.

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