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GREENCREST Discusses the Importance of Emotional Intelligence with Spirit of EQ Managing Partner Eric Pennington

June 1st, 2022

In GREENCREST’s latest Ignite Your Business® Podcast, host Kelly Borth talks with Eric Pennington, managing partner at Spirit of EQ, who discusses the value of emotional intelligence, or EQ, and why it is important to business success. In the most recent podcast, Pennington details the importance of understanding and learning from your thoughts and emotions and how EQ can help lead to better decision-making.

“The better I am at making decisions, the better my results, better performance, better outcomes,” Pennington says. “Ultimately though, not everyone gets up every morning and says ‘Okay, today I want to make sure I make good decisions’, but we all want that, and every organization wants that.”

Highlights of the most recent Ignite Your Business® Podcast Include:

Episode 102: Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is something that we need to own regardless of whether we are a manager or business owner. In this episode, Eric Pennington, managing partner at Spirit of EQ, joins us to discuss how EQ can help lead your business to greater success.

Episode 101: In March, Google announced it will be sunsetting Universal Analytics in 2023. What does this mean for your business? Listen to this episode, GREENCREST explains how GA4 can provide a better understanding of how customers and prospects engage with your brand across multiple platforms.

Episode 100: A lot has changed since our first episode nearly four years ago. For our 100th episode, we brought back our first guest, Don DePerro, president and CEO of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, to discuss what has changed in the minds of business owners and how some top initiatives will impact central Ohio businesses in the future.

Episode 99: Having trouble with your company’s email open rates? Are your emails ending up in the spam graveyard? Check out this episode of our Ignite Your Business® Podcast to discover our six top tips to improve your email campaigns, get more opens, click-throughs and conversions and increase your return on investment.

Past podcasts have featured guests like Tony Richards, CEO coach & strategic growth advisor at Clear Vision Development Group; Jim Hughes, business growth strategist and CEO of Worth Growing; Mark Bryan, director of innovation & research and senior interior designer, M+A Architects, and Tom Thon, partner with Sandler Training by the Ruby Group. Listen to the Ignite Your Business® Podcast at The Ignite Your Business® Podcast is published every other Monday on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.