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GREENCREST Discusses Sustainability in Business with Crystal Hughey, founder and CEO of Corporate Cleaning, Inc. on Ignite Your Business® Podcast

October 4th, 2022

Columbus, OH (October 3, 2022) — In GREENCREST’s latest episode of the Ignite Your Business® Podcast, host Kelly Borth talks with Crystal Hughey, founder and CEO of Corporate Cleaning, Inc. and winner of 2022 Smart 50 Sustainability Award.

In business sustainability means maintaining business growth and longevity without negatively impacting the environment, community or society. Hughey shares how her passion, innovative products and commitment to her team and community helped her build one of the largest minority-owned businesses based in central Ohio.

Hughey discusses how the company used innovation to develop eco-friendly products and its own Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure consistency of service, communication and mission. “We always say, it’s not just clean, it’s corporate clean, and we needed to communicate that better,” Hughey said. “My process may have been different than my team leads or one of the crew. We needed consistency.” She said, “There is a proper way to clean that is efficient and effective, and we wanted to produce that consistent result, so we came up with our own SOPs.”

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