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GREENCREST Discusses Strategies to Save Taxes and Build Wealth with President and Founder of ASE Financial Advisory Group Rusty Cagle

July 1st, 2022

Columbus, OH (June 30, 2022) — In GREENCREST’s latest episode of the Ignite Your Business® Podcast, host Kelly Borth talks with Rusty Cagle, president and founder of ASE Financial Advisory Group, who shares his tips on how to pay less taxes and build wealth in today’s uncertain times.

In the most recent podcast, Cagle outlines some opportunities on how business owners can save when filing their taxes and how they can collaborate with their business advisors to set themselves up for financial success. This includes understanding advisor relationship standards and how they apply to a business owner’s finances.

“From a regulatory standpoint there are two standards. One is a fiduciary standard, and another is a suitability standard,” Cagle said. “A suitability standard assures that a recommendation is suitable for your situation, not necessarily in your best interest. A fiduciary standard assures that your best interest comes first before we make any recommendations.” According to Cagle, Ninety-seven percent of advisors work under a suitability standard. He said a fiduciary standard is recommended, but he pointed out, “It’s a lot harder, you’ve got to get to know your client and look at all the different aspects.”

The Ignite Your Business® Podcast is a resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and other industry leaders looking for a way to exchange ideas and learn from interviews with other highly respected business professionals from a variety of industries.

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Past podcasts have featured guests like Dr. Melissa McRae, founder of Vitality Natural Wellness and MedSpa; Mike Derringer, area president and director of regional support for FocusCFO; Sharon Delay, owner and president of GO-HR, and Matina Zenios, president of Artina Promotional Products. Listen to the Ignite Your Business® Podcast at The Ignite Your Business® Podcast is published every other Monday on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.

About Rusty Cagle

Rusty Cagle is president and founder of ASE Financial Advisory Group, a firm based in Greenville, South Carolina that helps high income taxpayers simplify their finances by providing comprehensive financial services. Cagle has been serving individual and business clients for over 25 years and has been recognized by national media outlets for his work in the financial services industry. Through his research and application with legislative initiatives at the federal, state and local levels, Cagle has helped clients utilize and redirect millions of tax dollars for the good of the community. Cagle’s work has led to many trademarks and processes that provide structure, systems and optimal outcomes for high income taxpayers and privately held business owners. He holds numerous certifications and licenses and is the co-author of the book, Plan of Action: Strategies to Help You Build and Preserve Wealth.

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