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Exhibitpro Enhances Offering with Data-Backed Digital Solutions

October 20th, 2020

Exhibitpro, a creative experience company, has officially launched e+, a comprehensive suite of digital solutions, customizable for companies’ brand objectives.

As COVID-19 has cancelled in-person events around the country, companies are turning to digital solutions to connect with customers and share their message – That’s where e+ comes in.

“We’ve been incorporating digital components into our experiences for years,” says Lori Miller, CEO of Exhibitpro, “but right now, digital isn’t just supplemental – it’s taking center stage.”

With e+, Exhibitpro works alongside clients to create an experience that serves their unique needs, whether that’s a customer engagement space, virtual event/exhibit, interactive space, virtual tour, or product demonstration – the possibilities are endless.

According to Miller, many businesses have experienced disappointing results when exhibiting at virtual trade shows put on by associations.

“Some companies are paying unreasonable fees to exhibit at these events with a virtual experience they don’t own, while getting little to no data in return,” says Miller. “That’s just not right.There are ways to support your associations and at the same time have an engaging interactive experience that will connect with your audience.”

e+ gives clients creative freedom through wholly-owned digital experiences that provide real-time metrics and historical data. Custom analytics and a simple interface give users actionable insights and ROI tracking for their experience. Digital assets can be reused and repurposed as little or as often as a client desires, giving clients valuable autonomy.

“It’s our goal to stay relevant in supporting the needs of our clients,” says Miller. “We believe that e+ will serve as a meaningful tool as they navigate the future of customer engagement.”

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