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Exceptional education. Optimal wellbeing. Sustainable happiness.

February 8th, 2022

Positive Education is the heart-beat of Learning to Flourish. I’ve used Positive Education principles as a lens to build the framework of our guiding principles. As a result, the daily rhythm is infused with gratitude practices, savoring positive emotions, cultivating relationships, maximizing engagement, learning about nature, and practicing yoga and mindfulness. In addition, we are committed to solid research-based practices that support young learners in developing early literacy and math skills.

The community has recognized that Learning to Flourish is a unique gem in the childcare arena. I am so grateful that families value that our preschool offers a welcoming, simple environment where children learn the art of flourishing one day at a time. We are delighted to announce that construction is underway at our second location in Gahanna with a humble heart. Visit to schedule a tour or request a Program Guide to discover more about how your child can benefit from an education focused on fostering optimal wellbeing.

At Learning to Flourish, we have modeled our educational values after Positive Education principles. Positive Education is grounded in Positive Psychology and educational research. It’s a scientific study that focuses on promoting optimal wellbeing and character development for students and teachers alike. We have committed to implementing research-based practices shown to increase happiness.

We value our families. We invest time in maintaining open communication and building positive rapport with parents. We are committed to providing exceptional quality childcare. To support our families, we,

·         provide Huggies diapers and hypoallergenic wipes

·         supply cot sheets and blankets

·         wholesome snacks and lunches