Homeport’s 30th Anniversary: Voice & Vision Award Celebration

  • When: October 19, 2017 at 5:30pm - 8:00pm
  • Where:

    St. Charles Preparatory School, Walter Commons Venue
    2010 E Broad St.
    Columbus, OH 43209

  • Hosted By: Homeport
  • Event Type: Member Hosted  Member  

2017 Voice & Vision Award Recipient:
The Kelley Family

With a passion for helping those less fortunate, and a large extended family involved in giving back, the Kelley’s exemplify the Voice & Vision Award through shaping Central Ohio so that income is not a barrier to having a home. It was the vision of the Kelley Family and their commitment to living with purpose that founded Columbus Housing Partnership, now Homeport, 30 years ago, so that all people would have access to security, opportunity, and dignity.

Don Kelley is a founding member of Homeport, Tim Kelley served as chairman of the board of directors, and Michael Kelley serves on the board of directors and is a founding active member of Homeport’s Young Professional Group.  Each of them works for Donald W. Kelley & Associates Inc., a real estate development and appraisal firm.

The Kelley Family is a staple in Central Ohio.  They are active participants in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade (which includes Michael playing the bagpipes), yet take an understated approach to their philanthropic leadership—preferring private endeavors and quiet yet effective action.  The impact of their generosity has been felt by many of Columbus residents and in various Columbus neighborhoods, from the south end to Linden. Cindy Kelley, a former local high school teacher, currently volunteers her time teaching in Columbus public schools, tutoring immigrants pursuing citizenship, and as a board member of the Dominican Learning Center.  Nancy started many local faith based social service initiatives and takes a “boots on the ground” approach that has allowed her to touch families in need in ways that go beyond monetary assistance.  Through the examples of Don, Nancy, Tim, Cindy, and Michael, the Kelley family nourishes seeds of generosity through multiple generations.

Homeport is proud to honor this cherished Central Ohio family who inspires leaders to be the Voice & Vision to those in need.

Three generations of the Kelley family: from left, Michael Kelley, Don Kelley, and Tim Kelley.