“Growth Acceleration” Business Education Luncheon

  • When: May 9, 2014 at 11:00am - 1:30pm
  • Where:

    Muirfield Village Golf Club
    5750 Memorial Drive
    Dublin, OH 43017

  • Hosted By: Complete Website Solution
  • Event Type: Member Hosted  
  • Event Series: Complete Website Solution  

3 Great Business Discussion Topics to Enhance Your Business:

Winning from Any Angle- How to Maximize the Value of your Business Regardless of your Exit Strategy

Presented by: Emmet Apolinario, CEPA, Owner-Sunbelt Advisors of Columbus

Do you know the value of your business if you wanted to sell it today? Do you have the sneaky suspicion it may not be worth as much as you want or need? Certified Exit Planning Advisor Emmet Apolinario will show you a simple formula to provide an accurate valuation of your business. Regardless of whether you want to build a family succession plan, create an ESOP or professionally market to an outside buyer, Emmet will show you proven steps you can take today to increase value and how everyone wins.

How to Hire Great Millennials- The Continuing Saga of The Bond Girl, The Prettier Girl, and Playing with Fire

Presented by: Sumithra Jagannath, Owner Complete Website Solution

Hiring a great millennial does not mean you have to play with fire. Discover how to disseminate between the Millennial or twenty-something who wants to make a difference from the one who simply wants a job. Millennials are notoriously known as being immature, entitlement minded, and lacking loyalty. Learn what it takes to find the small percentage of millennials that are the good ones. Business owner Sumithra Jagannath tells the story of how to successfully find high numbers of qualified millenials through her story as “The Bond Girl” as she wins her ongoing battle with “The Prettier Girl” in order to build a top-performing team. Top millennials will be on hand to answer your questions on what to look for as you hire young people.

How to Provide a Fortune 100 HR Experience to Attract and Retain the Best Employees

Presented by: Joe Cole, Regional Director, Executive Vice President –Sequent, Inc.

Learn effective strategies in building a Fortune 100 level HR experience that levels the playing field when competing against larger enterprises for top talent. Your organization can “Win” the talent “War” and become more profitable… with top talent. Gain an understanding of what these best employees want and how you can deliver, while remaining within your total cost of labor budget.

Lunch will be included.