Columbus, OH Active Shooter & Personal Safety Workshop

  • When: April 19, 2018 at 2:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Hosted By: Fidelis Global Group, LLC
  • Event Type: Member Hosted  Member  

For security reasons, the specific location in Columbus, Ohio for this workshop will be provided via email to participants approximately two days before the start of the event.

The workshop will be between 3-4 hours. Networking hour right after the event.

The intent of the training is to empower course attendees to feel confident in protecting themselves, loved ones, students during an active shooter event and in routine daily situations.

The course is geared towards civilians. Individuals, business people, teachers, and more are invited! No experience required.

Businesses/Schools: For private sessions, please email your request to

Minimum 10 required.

Active Shooter Preparedness and Response offers the following:

  1. Active Shooter Profiles (Who is an active shooter?)
  2. Motives and warning signs of potential active shooters
  3. Types of active shooting incidents (Targeted attack, group attack, random attack)
  4. Understanding your body’s physiological and perceptual responses and how to manage it
  5. How to save yourself
  6. Organizational Preparedness (Emergency Action Planning)

Personal Safety, Awareness, and Preparedness Training offers the following:

  1. Understand the potential threats at your location
  2. Learn the stages of situational awareness
  3. Develop the ability to conduct a basic assessment at your chosen venue
  4. Become familiar with human threat indicators and mitigation strategies
  5. Apply best practices to make yourself a hard target
  6. Practical Application

Practical application includes the following:

  1. Pre-planning
  2. A walk-through of a pre determined facility
  3. How to identify viable evacuation routes
  4. Identification of defensive items
  5. Reviews of doors, locks, windows (what you need to know)
  6. Discussion of how to effectively barricade
  7. How to find and manage behind cover,
  8. How to read the layout of a room to find the best location to hide
  9. How to approach an active shooter for a takedown*
  10. Demonstration of most effective shooter takedown methods*

* There is no physical requirement from attendees.