EQ Conversations: An Intimate Series of Talks Around the Tools of Emotional Intelligence

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Columbus, OH Based Firm Introduces a Series of Video Driven Talks with Diverse Thought Leaders Across the Globe

Columbus, OH: Spirit of EQ, an emotional intelligence data and people development company, has debuted a new online experience titled EQ Conversations. Each month a guest joins Spirit of EQ to talk about EQ and how it has impacted them on a deep personal level.

This recent episode, with Dr. Sarah Benis Scheier-Dolberg illustrates the approach and motivation for the show. “We wanted to create an experience for our community that would showcase vulnerability and inspiration. It’s an opportunity to showcase how EQ helps in our everyday lives,” Eric Pennington, Managing Partner at Spirit of EQ noted.

About Spirit of EQ: Spirit of EQ is an emotional intelligence data and people development company located in Columbus, OH. The company partners with Six Seconds, a global provider of emotional intelligence education and technology to impact organizations around the globe.