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Emotional Intelligence Data and Development Company Releases New Website

May 4th, 2021

Columbus, OH Based Firm charts new ground with new website release

Columbus, OH: Spirit of EQ, an emotional intelligence data and people development company,  have recently launched a new website. The company undertook the project to simplify and  better communicate the solutions behind their emotional intelligence work. Increased demand  for tools and solutions to help employers navigate a rapidly changing business climate were catalysts in the development of a new site for the company.

“Giving our audience a more simplified and easier pathway, has always been our goal for those  seeking to grow their emotional intelligence. We are supremely proud of the site.,” said Jeff  East, Partner, of Spirit of EQ.

Some key changes and additions include:

  • Better navigation flow for existing and prospective clients
  • Addition of Events and Media pages
  • Seamless sign up for ongoing communication between Spirit of EQ and prospective  clients

About Spirit of EQ: Spirit of EQ is an emotional intelligence data and people development  company located in Columbus, OH. The company partners with Six Seconds, a global provider  of emotional intelligence education and technology to impact organizations around the globe.


Eric Pennington, Managing Partner
Spirit of EQ