5 Tips for a Successful Job Fair in Columbus

If you’re struggling to fill a particular position or are interested in hiring an intern, local job fairs are a perfect place to start your search. Luckily Columbus has many job fairs each month, some targeted to a particular industry like logistics and some targeted for a particular demographic like young professionals.

Here are 5 tips to consider for any job fair you attend.

  1. Ensure your booth or table reflects the company culture. If you have a relaxed dress code and offer your employees monthly happy hours, perhaps you offer a snack and wear jeans to the job fair to demonstrate that vibe.
  2. Don’t ask visitors questions you can’t find on their resume. Take the opportunity to get to know something unique about each potential new hire. What makes them stand out? Are they a local Mario Cart champion? Do they run marathons? Are they an aspiring entrepreneur?
  3. Prepare similar answers about yourself and your company. Top talent will do their research before attending the job fair so have something more than a canned elevator pitch about what your company’s mission statement is. Highly-qualified prospects will want something more.
  4. If it feels natural, include others in line in your current conversation. If you end up with a line to speak to someone at your table, work the crowd. More than one candidate can listen to you speak about yourself and your business at a time. Be careful to include everyone in conversations and allowed each person to contribute, but a group conversation can alleviate some of the pressure to impress (in some cases). This will also let you learn how they interact with strangers if it’s important to their role.
  5. Follow up. Just as if you were applying for a job, top talent is being scouted by other top employers and it’s just as important for them to impress you as it is for you to impress them. Let them know you’re interested with a simple, personalized follow-up message.

Looking for more tips? Check out these tips. Need more help with your talent attraction and retention efforts? The Columbus Chamber can help. Get in touch with our team for a customized program.