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Member Insights by CleanTurn Enterprises.

For us, it’s more than “banning the box” or “being conviction-friendly”. While these are important, we want to think beyond the box. How do we create a business culture where those coming from challenging backgrounds can thrive? It’s more than rethinking the hiring process; it’s an investment in the individuals after hiring.

From this intentionality with staff, two main challenges surface: How do we message this to the marketplace and our customers externally? How do we mentor and coach our staff internally?

Messaging to the Marketplace

In the past decade, language has shifted around social issues. We don’t discuss “prostitution”; we discuss “human trafficking”. We don’t hear about “drug abuse” on the news; we hear about the “opioid epidemic”.

Language shapes how we interact with ideas. By shifting the language in marketing, our customers interact with incarceration, addiction, and human trafficking differently. Moreover, it helps create a customer base that is more willing to be part of the solution to these issues.

Mentoring and Coaching Our Staff

In a placement-driven culture, many non-profits and businesses focus on getting individuals in the door. Non-profits can hit their grant required numbers, and businesses can receive their work tax-credit.

However, we don’t focus enough on retention. Retention of those coming from challenging pasts requires a management team trained and equipped to coach, mentor and appropriately manage. If someone in recovery gets hired and encounters a dozen triggers in the workplace, he or she won’t last a week. Thus, although the nonprofit and business would have placed them, the individual ends up in the same place they started!

From the CEO to the HR professional to the supervisor, management needs training on how to create a company culture where everyone can thrive!

Save the date for Passion. Purpose. Profit by CleanTurn Enterprises. Learn how to hire those coming from challenging backgrounds, including incarceration, addiction, poverty and human trafficking. Interested in learning more? Visit the event website.