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November 9th, 2022

As an exclusive offer for Columbus Chamber of Commerce members, Conspire is offering FREE brand standards “QuickGuides” compiled by their team of award-winning brand builders. Conspire is fulfilling their commitment to the growth and support of local business by helping brands in Central Ohio save time and energy when it comes to developing and maintaining a consistent best-in-class brand.

Brand Standards documentation provides design and brand tools to consistently market your business. A QuickGuide is a simple 1-2 page .pdf that includes logo visuals and usage standards, HEX and Pantone values of your color palette, usage and examples of your fonts, and other fundamental specs to ensure your brand identity is consistent and memorable.

A $500 value, Conspire is creating QuickGuides FREE for Columbus Chamber members until December 10th, 2022.

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About Conspire

If you’re struggling to reach goals, your brand might be holding you back. Founded in 2013, Conspire is a small team of dedicated experts that build brands which drive businesses towards their loftiest goals. The Conspire difference is big agency creative, with small business relationships. Working with clients ranging from solopreneur startup to legacy enterprise, Conspire helps businesses of all industries and sizes build brands that inspire consumers and communities into action.