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Cheers to Drinking Good…For You and the World: Spritz Sparkling Tea Makes It Possible to Raise a Toast Without Sugar or Alcohol

March 29th, 2021

Dublin, OH – Celebrate yourself AND your chosen family with a fruity all-natural bubbly that’s versatile enough for whoever’s invited to the party. Made by women, with women in mind, Spritz Tea satisfies the urge for a sparkly, sweet, sophisticated drink that doesn’t have alcohol or sugar. Whether you’re craving bubbly but want to stay sober or looking for a bold mixer that doesn’t have calories, Spritz’s craft tea infusions are the joyous must-have for any celebration—packed with all the health benefits of tea. As a socially responsible, eco-friendly and women-run brand that gives back, Spritz is good for you and the world.

Life is too short not to enjoy it, which is why Spritz is dedicated to building a better beverage for all of life’s celebrations without having to feel poorly afterward. All Spritz Sparkling Tea products are zero calories, zero sugar, all natural, vegan and keto friendly, with a delicious range of flavors including:

  • Pink Guava: Fruity, rich, and fragrant. Expect soft bubbles accompanied by sweet guava, dragonfruit, and fresh mango all tied together perfectly in Spritz’s herbal hibiscus tea.
  • Bright Citrus: Sweet, earthy, and energizing. Expect soft bubbles accompanied by the freshest berries and refreshing lemons paired perfectly with Spritz’s Pu’erh tea.
  • Wild Acai: Elegant, floral, and refreshing. Expect soft bubbles accompanied by fresh mango, dry rose petals, and powerful acai berries combined carefully in Spritz’s rejuvenating white tea.
  • Golden Peach: Pure, crisp, and flavorful. Expect soft bubbles accompanied by juicy peaches, lemon, and sweet pomegranate mixed to perfection with our powerful green tea.

The idea for Spritz Tea was sparked by women celebrating friendship at the dining table. In 2016, Spritz Tea founder, Kathryn Dougherty was training for a half Ironman with her girlfriends. They’d come together on Fridays at Kathryn’s dining room table to unwind, celebrate their wins, and cheers to another work week’s conclusion. But because of the early morning triathlon training the next day, alcohol wasn’t an option. Craving something to pour into their wine glasses and raise a toast, Kathryn recognized there was a gap in the market for non-alcoholic drink alternatives that were fun to drink, beautiful to look at, and offered health benefits and flavors that appealed to women. Spritz Tea was her solution to checking all these boxes. She had no idea it would become a sensation!

Becoming a disruptor in the beverage industry wasn’t Kathryn’s only goal. She wanted to build a company that was inclusive, socially responsible, and gave women a seat at the table. As a woman-founded, women-operated company, Spritz reinvests back into local communities by pledging 1% of all sales to support local female-focused nonprofit organizations and gender equality initiatives.

Kathryn says, “We see a world driven by vibrant and confident women, and we believe that by giving back to others, we give back to ourselves. Success is nothing if it’s rooted in ruthless competition or operating from a place of scarcity. It’s about seeing the abundance of coming together, to celebrate each other’s wins, and celebrate ourselves.”


Not only is Spritz Tea the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to bubbly, but it is also a delicious alternative to sugary sodas. While sparkling water brands were having a booming moment a few years ago, Spritz Tea is taking the lead and reinvigorating a stagnant category of non-carbonated ready-to-drink teas by bringing new flavors and bubbles to the table. With Spritz Tea, you are satisfying more than just a quench for bubbles, you’re getting a healthy tea that anyone can cheers with.

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