CareWorksComp Dates to Remember and More

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Important CareWorksComp Updates: 

For more information on registration for the 2017 CareWorksComp Workers’ Compensation and Safety Seminars, click here.

To view the March 2017 newsletter article on handicap reimbursement, click here.

Dates to remember: 

  • March 3, 2017 was the most recent premium installment due date.
  • March 31, 2017
    • Deadline to complete the annual report for the Drug Free Safety Program.
    • Last day you can request a change in estimated annual payroll exposure for the 2016 policy year.
    • Last day to request a change to your premium installment schedule for the 2016 policy year
    • Deadline to complete the One Claim Program education requirement.
    • Last day to complete the EM Cap program requirements.

Cost Containment Strategies: In an effort to keep you and your members aware of the services provided by CareWorksComp, we thought we would share a series of brief articles about our commitment and approach toward different cost-containment strategies. One such claims cost inhibitor that we employ is filing for a handicap reimbursement. Please feel free share the attached article with your members.

CareWorksComp Annual Seminars: Our annual workers’ comp seminars will be presented at the end of April/beginning of May. This year, in an effort to make these as convenient as possible for our clients, we will be offering the same material in a webinar format as well. Identical materials will be provided for the seminars and webinars, and both will satisfy the BWC’s Two-Hour Group Safety Training requirement. We encourage you to share this safety education opportunity you’re your members.  Please see the attached flyer with all the details! The seminar schedule is:

April 25, 2017: Cleveland / May 2, 2017: Columbus /   May 3, 2017: Cincinnati

2017 Premium Installment Notifications: BWC is in the process of voting on the manual base rates for policy year 2017 (beginning 7/1), and they will be notifying employers of their new annual premium rates in early May. Updated premium installment schedules will be sent out at that time, and our recommendation is to use that schedule to keep track of payments all year, as sometimes the BWC’s monthly invoices have different due dates listed and it can be confusing to know which date to use.