Targeted Investment Program

The Ohio Development Services Agency has identified the need for a flexible investment program that can strategically support growth and expansion of targeted small businesses within Ohio’s manufacturing, production, and logistics value chains. In response to this need the Ohio Department of Development has created the Targeted Investment Program.

Who can apply? Small businesses in manufacturing, production, and logistics value chains

Criteria: Eligible businesses include those with as few as five and no more than 250 employees, and revenues as low as $1 million and no greater than $10 million.

Ineligible businesses include firms involved in real estate investment, speculative activities, lending or leasing activities, pyramid sales, illegal activities, gambling activities, charitable institutions, religious institutions, consumer and marketing coops, and other nonprofits. 

Review and Approval: Companies seeking investment will be required to submit a standardized application in addition to a business plan, financial statements, and due diligence materials.

Contact: Ohio Department of Development at

Global Ohio – Ohio Development Services Agency