JumpStart Launch100 Initiative

  • Email: launch100@jumpstartinc.com

Launch100 provides intensive business assistance—up to 15 hours a month—to selected minority entrepreneurs with businesses with significant revenue potential (over $10 million). 

Who can apply? Minority-business entrepreneurs whose companies or business ideas have the potential to become larger enterprises and serve a national and international client base.

Criteria: Sales growth potential of more than $15 million in the next 3-5 years; potential to create 50+ jobs in Northeast Ohio; demonstrate the ability AND desire to raise capital from private equity, angel, or venture capital investors; possess a significant competitive advantage or barrier against future competitors; operating in a growing national/international market of at least $500 million in total market value and conducting or planning to conduct business in at least a multi-state region; business requires at least $250,000 in non-bank capital in next 12-24 months to grow.

Contact: launch100@jumpstartinc.com