City of Columbus Vendor Services

  • Email:
  • Phone: (614) 645-8315

Columbus Vendor Services is an eGov initiative made possible through a collaboration of the City Auditor’s Office, the Department of Finance & Management – Purchasing Office, and the Mayor’s OfficeEqual Business Opportunity Commission Office, and seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Provides a one-stop, twenty-four hour portal for vendor services and contract information.
  • Allows vendors to express interest in doing business with the City and effectively self manage W9, registration, compliance, and bid information.
  • Provides open access for vendors to compete for the public’s business.
  • Assists City agencies in obtaining necessary goods and services in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner while complying with applicable laws, regulations, and mandates.
  • Records the supporting documentation for financial transaction activity of the City.
  • Improves operations in the form of electronic bidding, sourcing, and purchasing of goods and services.
  • Conducts City business in an open environment under public scrutiny to ensure public trust in the government’s business.