City of Columbus Business Development Fund (BDF)

  • Phone: (614) 645-6171

City of Columbus Business Development Fund (BDF) offers up to $199,999 for real estate or equipment funding.

Boundaries: City of Columbus
Loan Amount: Up to $199,999 (limited funds available)
Interest Rate: Flexible
Loan Term: Up to 20 years
Private Investment: One to one ratio
Equity: Ten percent of total project cost
Collateral: Real estate
Purpose/Use of Loan: Acquisition/Equipment
Prevailing Wage: Yes
Job Creation: One job for every $30,000/One percent low-mod
Loan Committee: External
Relocation: Yes
Historic: Yes
Environmental: Yes 
Contact: Community Capital Development Corp.
900 Michigan Ave. Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 645-6171