Why Business Owners Will Love the Pocket Office Concept

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Business owners think about their business 24/7. When at the office, it’s easy to focus and work productively because you have your office space set up just for that purpose. It can get a little more difficult, however, when you’re trying to get work done at home. There are so many distractions and you may not have a dedicated space that you can call your own. If you’d love to be able to get work done at home in a space you can call your own, but just don’t have the room or the need for a full-blown office, then we have a little secret for you… You can have that office that you’ve always wanted or needed without using an entire room to do it. How, you ask? Two words: Pocket Office.

Under a staircase. In a niche off the kitchen. Tucked away in a closet. A Pocket Office needs just enough space for whatever you want to do there – like plan, think, organize, file, research, work, play or relax. It can be small but fully loaded with a built-in desk or storage to make every square inch count. Even if you aren’t a business owner, but just want a space for yourself away from the hustle and bustle that takes place around any busy home, you can easily have a pocket office customized and built to your exact qualifications.

Pocket offices are one of the biggest new trends in custom home design, especially with more and more people working remotely and digitally. Maybe a large office doesn’t make sense in your home. Maybe your home isn’t the right size for a full office. Or maybe, you realize that with computers getting smaller, paper and pens becoming a thing of the past, all you need is a cozy little nook to get some work done. A pocket office is extremely functional and utilizes just the amount of space you need or space you have to do what you need to do and be productive at home.

How exactly do you get started thinking about and planning for a pocket office? It’s easy. First choose a convenient spot in your home. All you’ll need is a minimum of 5’x8’ in order to make your pocket office work. Next, decide how you’d like to customize your pocket office. Be sure to make every inch of space count (literally!) by adding built-ins for the desk, files, and storage. Finally, make sure your lighting and electrical is all set up in order to give you the ideal space to be productive. Three easy steps and you’re on your way to having your own perfect little space, right from the comfort of your home.