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As a coach, I am exposed to a great deal of knowledge and tools through my own proactive efforts and my conversations with other peers and advisors with whom I interact. Much of the knowledge and the tools shared are very well intentioned but the practical value often wanes.

So, when I come across knowledge or tools that can have dramatic practical impact on companies, teams and individuals, I get very excited. In fact, coming across the Rockefeller Habits and the One-page Strategic Plan were instrumental in motivating me to launch my private coaching practice.

Recently, I came across and was certified in a tool that I believe is equally important in creating healthy, aligned and high performing companies, teams, and individuals. This tool is the Advanced Insights Profile and I am now using it create compounding value for my clients.

As part of efforts to master the tool, I decided to test the tool among the people connected to my business. It was nice to create compounding value for my own business as I get up to speed on do so for clients!

I found my profile to be very accurate and it confirmed much that I knew about my behavioral style, values, and talents. In addition, it provided new insights about my particular profile that I was able to immediately leverage in doing my coaching work.

However, the compounding value came when I reviewed my two assistant’s profiles with them so that we could determine the best ways to work together in achieving my business goals. I found a huge improvement in the outcomes my primary assistant delivered this past week based on my review. I feel like my primary assistant went from “processing tasks” to “DELIVERING REAL VALUE toward my business goals.”

It not only helped improved results but it also strengthened our relationship. You can see that in our email exchange below several days after we reviewed the Advanced Insights Profiles together.

I wrote,

I am so excited about how we are much more aligned with our work together that I wrote an article about the tool today. Please take this content in THE MOST POSITIVE LIGHT as our misalignment and my frustration was as much my fault (if not more so) than yours in that I did not take the time to learn your unique talents!!!  I am extremely excited about our results this last week and our aligned path going forward.”

My assistant responded,

“Lol no problem Jon.  No offense taken. Glad we found a mutual way to work with one another. It’s rewarding for me as well to see my work deliver positive results. I look forward to reading the article. 

Enough said about the positive benefits of the Advanced Insights Profile!

If you are a leader looking to improve your relationships with your direct reports/supports and the results you create in working together, contact me to learn how I can help you use the Advanced Insights Profile to get started.

Jon L. Iveson, Ph.D., The Grow Smart Coach, is a Gazelles Certified Coach who helps executives, teams and companies thrive.

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For Healthcare Leaders Book On Kindle: Pamela’s Awakening: Becoming a Strategic and Courageous Leader