Branch Insurance Expands Home and Auto Coverage to Colorado and Oklahoma

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Insurtech Startup Launches in Two New States as it Continues its Nationwide Expansion

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Branch Insurance, the startup that pioneered bundling home and auto insurance online, today announces its expansion to Colorado and Oklahoma. This announcement marks the insurtech’s second and third state launch of the year and eighth overall as it continues its rapid nationwide expansion through 2021.

Branch has revolutionized the insurance-buying experience by offering consumers a reimagined way to bundle their home and auto insurance in just seconds. Using technology and automation, Branch is now making it quicker and easier than ever for consumers to save money on their insurance.

Many know that bundling home and auto insurance can help them save. In fact, a recent Forbes article stated that “a bundling discount can be 5% to 25%, and it’s generally one of the best car insurance discounts you can get.” In addition to helping members bundle and save, Branch also takes the hassle out of obtaining a policy. Where the insurance industry has relied on application forms that require consumers to answer hundreds of questions, Branch has created a way to purchase insurance in seconds using just a few pieces of information.

“With each state expansion comes the opportunity to bring more consumers the insurance they deserve and we’re eager to welcome so many residents in Colorado and Oklahoma into the Branch community,” said Steve Lekas, Cofounder and CEO of Branch.

Behind Branch’s desire to improve the insurance-buying experience is a deep-rooted commitment to restoring the insurance industry to its original intent: a force for communal good. That’s why Branch offers its clients a variety of tools to tailor their coverage and lower their prices. Residents in Colorado and Oklahoma can take advantage of Branch’s groundbreaking programs, including Community Drive and Community Pledge, which harness the power of community to make insurance more affordable for everyone. Branch also works alongside its non-profit entity, SafetyNest, to help the un- and underinsured population get the coverage they need.

About Branch Insurance

Branch Insurance utilizes innovative technology to make bundling home and auto insurance online quicker and easier than ever before. By tapping into the power of community, Branch is on a mission to make insurance more accessible and affordable for everyone. Branch was founded in 2017 by insurance veteran Steve Lekas and tech entrepreneur Joe Emison, and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Branch is underwritten by the Branch Insurance Exchange and General Security National Insurance Company (GSNIC) and backed by SCOR SE, all A-rated insurance entities. To learn more, visit

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