Back to Work Physically, But That’s Only 20%

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Businesses continue to sort out the immediate and future ramifications to COVID-19.  In that process, employee engagement and employee wellness may become more important than ever.  As businesses face the challenge of recovery and adjustment, so will their associates, both in their work and in their personal lives.

The Gallup Organization identifies five elements for employee wellbeing – Career, Social, Financial, Community and Physical.  If that is correct, then the economic shutdown has hit all five.  Career paths have been upended, social frameworks in the workplace are altered, personal finance has been hurt, and community for most is not what it was two months ago.

Time will reveal the impact to employee health.  A recent article on was titled “Could you get PTSD from your pandemic experience?” (Corey Stieg, April 18, 2020,  Stieg notes that “Even if you aren’t clinically diagnosed with PTSD, you may have a strong emotional reaction to the trauma of Covid-19 that can last long after an incident.”

In its website post on wellbeing, Gallup says that employees view Financial Wellbeing as the capability for “managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security.”  But many people will return to work having suffered from reductions in income, furloughs or layoffs.  Two-income families survived on one income.  Savings accounts, already too small, are now drained.  That economic pressure can carry over to an employee’s ability to focus and remain productive throughout the workday.

Lifetime Financial Growth wants to provide assistance to Columbus Chamber members when your employees need it most.  Through October 31, 2020, our firm will offer our Wealth Steps® program at no cost to any current Chamber member.  Wealth Steps® is a company-sponsored financial wellness program that introduces employees to essential personal finance concepts from a unique balance sheet perspective.  It is confidential, customizable and easy to administer.

If you’d like to learn more about Wealth Steps® visit  To speak with a Lifetime Financial Growth representative call 614-785-5100.


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