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Acloché puts people first during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

February 24th, 2021

Acloché LLC, which has served Central Ohio since 1968 with a full line of human resource services including contingent staffing, direct hire placement, HR consulting, and more, found themselves in a tricky situation over the past 12 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Acloché is in the business of connecting job seekers to employers, but making those connections during a period of time where people need to stay at a distance provided the company with a unique challenge.

“We have always hung our hat on our ability and willingness to meet with and get to know the job seekers in our communities. It’s vital that we understand what factors drive and motivate individuals in order to provide them with employment options that fit their needs, and previously there was no better way to do that than to meet face-to-face with them,” says CEO Kim Shoemaker. “In an industry that is predicated on those in-person conversations, our teams have done an outstanding job developing new business practices that aim to re-create that interactivity with the job seeker.”

One new addition to Acloché was the development of their new app, which launched on the App Store and Google Play back in October. The app makes it easy for the job seekers to scroll through a list of open positions and apply for positions in industries that are relevant to their skills.

Acloché has also periodically added new resources to their website, such as a Resume Resources, and helpful blog posts on relevant subjects like Working from Home and Video Interview Strategies. Acloché has worked to make sure that the entire hiring process is able to be completed remotely, from interview to orientation, so that the job seeker can work with the Acloché Staffing Specialists from their home.

Back in May of 2020, when Ohio allowed many business to re-open their doors, Acloché rolled out a strict set of safety procedures and restrictions to all eight locations. However, they have also updated their Worksite Safety Checklist to include appropriate COVID-19 protocols at each of their client’s worksites.

“Updating our own offices was one thing, but ensuring the safety of our associates after we connect them to an employer is another entirely. We needed to make absolutely certain that we were not sending any of our workforce into an environment where they we’re not taking appropriate precautions against the spread of COVID. Luckily, we have wonderful relationships with our clients and have been thrilled that their efforts to combat the spread of COVID align with ours,” states Shoemaker.

In the future, Acloché is looking forward to being able to combine new investments in technology and strategy with the pre-COVID business practices that have made the company a seven-time winner of the Consumers’ Choice Award for Staffing Agencies headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

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