Access 2 Interpreters Offers Resourceful Product Solutions During COVID-19

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Columbus, OH – The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted day-to-day business across the nation and Access 2 Interpreters, LLC is no exception. The company is focusing on helping its customers persevere by rethinking client relations through new all-digital means.

Access has been able to support the surge in technology-driven interpretation as its stay-at-home customers continue to reach out to their clients. “Providing face-to-face interpreters to our customers has been the cornerstone of our business,” says Yana Schottenstein, President and CEO of Access 2 Interpreters. “We are excited to have added a selection of technology solutions that digitally projects our interpreters wherever they are needed, keeping our customers close to their clients during these wide-reaching social distancing restrictions.” Access is reworking its technology to utilize existing video platforms and telephone conferencing systems, providing secure video and telephone connections while maintaining anonymity in the face of strict privacy laws.

“Traditional remote interpretation methods were designed to connect two individuals with an interpreter from another location,” Schottenstein explained. “This model has been effective for many years, but with the dynamics of social distancing, all of the parties involved are now dispersed. This makes the traditional remote, one-on-one video session ineffective, forcing customers to attempt their own video connections. Many of these ad-hoc methods are unproven and unsecure, violating the numerous privacy laws protecting the clients.” With its new solution, Access now facilitates group video sessions for its customers, utilizing HIPAA/HITECH compliant platforms administered by Microsoft. By facilitating the group sessions, Access is able to set up the appointment without revealing the personal and private protected information of its participants.

Access has more information about these remote interpretation services and the other services the company offers on its website, A specific COVID-19 page has been published on the site to help customers find the services that might work best for them. From this page, customers can also reach out to the Access team for more information.