Looking Back. Moving Forward.

It’s been 135 years since we first opened our doors and we’ve been growing, thriving and helping to build business ever since. As we envision our bright future,¬†we also identify some defining moments in Columbus Chamber history. Take a look back with us.



1884 Founded as the Columbus Board of Trade
1910 Changed name to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce
1956 Changed name to Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce
1994 Changed name to Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce
2004 Changed name to Columbus Chamber


1915 Helped establish Columbus Chapter, American Red Cross
1927 Participated in a campaign to develop a modern airport
1941-44 Assisted in the war effort, including helping local industries to get into war production; campaigned for the Red Cross, War Bond, War Chest, Blood Donor, and Victory Garden programs; and worked with U.S.O.
1973 Led the creation of the Greater Columbus Arts Council
1991 Creation of the Greater Columbus Inland Port
2007 Creation of the Columbus Region Logistics Council
2010 Launch of the Columbus 2020 regional economic development initiative

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