Ohio’s TechCred Program provides resources for businesses to upskill current and prospective employees

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Ohio’s TechCred Program provides resources for businesses to upskill current and prospective employees to help them qualify for a better job and fill needed technology talent gaps. Businesses that submit successful applications will be reimbursed, up to $2,000 per credential, when current or prospective employees complete technology-focused credentials. Eligible credentials are:

  • Short-term (</= 900 clock hours; </= 30 credit hours)
  • Industry-recognized
  • Technology-focused – open to ALL industries

NOTE: Employees MUST PASS/EARN the credential for the business to be reimbursed.  Businesses will not be reimbursed for employees/prospects who participate and do not complete the training and/or do not meet requirements for certification.

The program is open to any Ohio registered organization with Ohio employees including non-profits and colleges.

Described as relatively easy to participate, the company must:

  • Identify the skills, needs, and employees/prospects to participate
  • Partner with a credential provider; name provider on application
  • Apply on the TechCred site for pre-approval October 1-31; turnaround time for application review and approval will be up to 60 days
  • Apply for one credential/funding round for up to $30,000

Application awards will be merit-based and competitive; this is not a first come, first served approach.

Merit will be assessed based on:

·         Pledged wage increase as result of credential earned

·         Employer contribution to the training in relation to total cost

·         Level of economic distress in the region

Once approved, company will enroll employees/prospects.  On completion of credential, company will receive reimbursement (again, credential must be earned). Reimbursement can cover tuition, lab fees, manuals & textbooks, and certification costs = $500 – $2000/credential.

Training started 7/17/19 (date budget passed) or later qualifies.

Employee must pass certificate for company to be reimbursed.

There are 3 categories of companies based on number of employees (Small, Medium, & Large) w/ ~$4 million designated for each category.

NOTE:  Company can only apply once/round despite number of locations across the state; e.g., Nationwide can be approved for one $30,000 award for the state per funding round.