How can a health insurance company help with HR resources?

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Columbus, Ohio—[Aug. 28, 2019]— Central Ohio’s low unemployment rate means human resources departments are under even more pressure to retain talent.

That’s where TAH Benefits can help. The local health insurance firm is offering free access to the ThinkHR Platform, a comprehensive online service that addresses an array of HR issues.

“AT TAH, we are continually looking for resources we can provide that assist our clients in managing their HR needs,” Jay Hazelbaker, CEO of TAH Benefits, said. “So, we’ve partnered with ThinkHR, a service and set of resources that makes reference materials and HR subject matter experts easily accessible to help with tasks.”

ThinkHR provides access to a handbook builder, downloadable forms and tools, a health care reform center, and more than 200 compliance-related courses on its website. The platform also has live advisors available to help HR staff answer questions about the Family and Medical Leave Act and other benefits.

Because many small business HR departments juggle countless tasks, ThinkHR’s suite of services reduces stress by allowing professionals to keep up-to-date on trainings and have access to HR experts at their convenience.

Hazelbaker explained TAH’s commitment to supporting its clients by offering ThinkHR.

“While we strive to be experts in insurance and benefits, we know ThinkHR will provide in-depth information on all aspects of HR,” he said. “We want to do whatever we can to help you with your other roles and responsibilities.”

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