Kids & Chiropractic FAQs

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Have you ever wondered why you see so many children getting adjusted in our office? We have the extraordinary opportunity to show kiddos of all ages what life can be like when the brain and body have the ability to talk to each other like they were created to from the start.

We believe that the very best time to start getting adjusted is on the day you’re born, and the second-best time is now. We also know that this is a novel point of view. We hope we can clear up some frequently asked questions so you can better understand and come to share our perspective.

Q: Is it safe to adjust children?

A: Short answer: Absolutely! It is safe for children of all ages to be adjusted. A common worry among patients is that an adjustment might be too powerful for a child. Did you know that the pressure a chiropractor uses to correct subluxation in a baby is the same as the pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato? As children grow older and stronger, more pressure and new techniques may be applied. Adjustments are always tailored specifically to each child to ensure that they are extremely gentle, safe, and effective.

Q: My child doesn’t have any issues, why would chiropractic be useful?

A: How well a child is able to adapt to different complications in life has an astronomical impact on their long-term wellness. When children start out with a healthy and optimally functioning spine and nervous system, they have an opportunity to continue to grow and stay healthy during critical developmental stages. Playing, stumbling, growing, and fighting off illness are all necessary parts of growing up. Even when subluxations seemingly cause no issues or “symptoms,” they lead to interference in the nervous system’s communication with the body. When uncorrected, children’s brains will grow and adapt to their environment based off of this inaccurate and incomplete input from the body. Regular adjustments to remove interference ensure little hiccups can heal appropriately and don’t manifest into bigger issues down the road.

Q: What are the most common benefits of adjustments in children?

A: While kiddos rarely suffer from the typical aches and pains that adults do, we believe that nobody should settle for life at less than 100%. By stimulating the nervous system and removing interference through adjustments, we’ve found that children see:

  • improvements in immune support and digestive issues like colic
  • better and more consistent sleep patterns
  • increased concentration and fewer behavioral issues
  • and much, much more

When you’re a kid, you don’t know any other quality of life than the one you’ve been living in! Chiropractic is a safe, powerful, and effective means to unlock a child’s true potential so they know to never settle for less.