Why Fast Cash is Better for Selling a House

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Member Insights by John Buys Houses

Real estate has been bought and sold since the beginnings of civilized society. Since then, selling a home has become a complicated and slow process. Homeowners are often frustrated by timelines, fees, paperwork, inspections, and difficult buyers. A fast-cash sale might be the solution you are looking for and here’s why…

Selling a home in the traditional way involves complicated steps coupled with a potentially long wait for the right buyers and sale to finish. Once an offer is made and the buyers approved, there is more waiting (typically 4-7 weeks) as the sale closes. And unfortunately, many sales fall through, forcing you to start the selling process all over again.

If your home needs repairs or upgrades, this can give buyers negotiating power and leave you with less than your asking price. The use of real estate agents further reduces what you receive after the sale. On top of this, you may pay concessions to the buyer and cover the closing costs. All this adds up to an inefficient and frustrating process for sellers.

A fast-cash option has numerous benefits and can help you sell your home quickly and without added stress. During a cash sale, houses are purchased “as is” which means you don’t need to invest in costly and lengthy repairs or upgrades just to attract a buyer.

Cash sales are also far more likely to follow through. Instead of waiting for a potential buyer to be approved for a loan (or not), cash buyers automatically have the capital needed. And, cash sales typically close in 1-3 weeks, greatly speeding up the sale process.

While it is true that cash sales may not get you the highest price for your home, the avoidance of stress, cutting out of additional fees, and the shortened timeline are a beneficial trade off. Finding a trusted and fair cash buyer is key to a successful cash sale. If you have questions about selling your home for cash, call Core Developments today.