Does your business support an increase in the gas tax, indexed to inflation? 

Columbus Chamber
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The details of the State Transportation Budget were recently revealed.  The cornerstone of the proposal is a $0.18 per gallon increase to the $0.28 state gas tax that will be annually indexed to inflation.  The increase is expected to raise approximately $1.2 billion, which is constitutionally required to be used for maintaining and upgrading Ohio’s roads and bridges. Our Chamber supported the 2003 gas tax increase that was phased in until 2005, and will likely support this new proposal. Expecting to add a million more people by 2050, we must become better equipped to sustain an infrastructure system that can support the growing Columbus Region.
The Chamber supports a sustainable funding mechanism to advance pending and stalled projects, new and innovative projects, keep commute times low, improve safety, enhance economic development, and ensure efficient business operations. The bill is moving rapidly through the Legislature, and must be signed by the Governor by March 31. To keep our members informed of its progress and to solicit your input, our Government Relations team is hosting a conference call on Thursday, March 7 from 9:30-10:30am. To receive the call-in information, please RSVP to Rachel Barnes. To provide written feedback, email our VP of Government Relations, Holly Gross.